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Buy one. Give one.

Buy a ticket. Give a ticket.

You’ve experienced FaithFest. You know how fun, exciting, and uplifting it is. ❤️

This year, who do you know that could use some encouragement? A wholesome good time? 🤔

Who do you know that maybe doesn’t know the Lord yet? Or someone who maybe wouldn’t visit a church with you, but who enjoys music and food? 🎸

FaithFest is, has been, and will always be a ministry focused on reaching people for Christ. We want to reach as many people as we can with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. ✝️

And you can be a part of this! 😃

Who could you invite?

Think about…

And of course, it’ll be much more fun if they can hang out with someone they know, so make sure to grab a ticket for yourself too. 👍

How can you do this?
  1. Buy a ticket for whoever you want to give one to (and yourself).
  2. Then forward the ticket to your friend!
How to send the ticket to your friend:
  • You can take a screenshot of the ticket QR code and text or message it to them. 
  • OR you can forward the email to them.
  • OR you can print the ticket and put it in a card that you give to them. 

TIP: You can login to your FaithFest account via the login/my account link at the top of this site to download a PDF copy of each individual ticket at any time. This can be a helpful/easy way to print or share individual tickets. ✅

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